I begin all my donkeys with just the halter and leadrope, or with a bitless
                 sidepull.  Once they are riding and driving confidently then I introduce a
                 bit but don't fasten the reins to it at first.  Dolly is wearing a bit in
                 these photos but the reins are attached to the halter because Jessica's
                 hands are just learning to be light. 

                 The "sidepull" with a bit is called a Halfbreed.  What I prefer to use is a
                 convertible english bridle.  Dad converts them for me so I can use it as a
                 sidepull or add a ring snaffle and use it as a halfbreed or as a bridle.  He
                 puts a spacer-adjustment in the browband so it can be adjusted larger for
                 donkey's ample forehead because horse bridles just do not have enough 
                 length in the browbands to comfortably fit a donkey.     - Vicki/ladywife

Scott Weyhrich's donkey RobRoy with his new sidepull, made by Vicki's dad.*



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