sample of a Sales Form that vicki suggest to use
when selling/buying a donkey/mule/horse:


                                       Bill of Sale/Sales Contract

                 I, ____________________________________ (name and address)
                 telephone number _______________   agree to sell one  (stallion, jack,
                 mare, jennet, gelding) 
                 known by the name of: __________________(animal's name) _____________
                 registered with ___________________________(registry name and address)
                 registered  number  _______________ 

                 description  of animal:
                 (color, height, approx WEIGHT, distinguishing marks and characteristics) 

                for the purchase price of (written)$__________($xxxx)$_________
                 to ________________________________________ (buyer's name)
                 of ____________________ (buyer's address, county of legal residence, city, state,
                 zip, telephone #).

                 The purchase price to be paid according to these terms: (circle one, dated
                 and initialed by seller and buyer)

                 _____________A. Buyer will pay full purchase price in cash before buyer
                 takes delivery with a 30 day return and refund policy as follows:  during
                 the 30 days following the date and delivery of this sell the animal may be
                 returned to the seller in the same sound condition as the time of the sell
                 for a full refund of the purchase price less the cost of an examination by
                 the seller's veterinarian.  There will be no refund without an examination
                 by the seller's veterinarian. 

                 ____________B. Installment Purchase/Lease Option: Buyer will pay one/half of
                 the purchase price ($amount) in cash this date and make payments of
                 ___$amount___ with 24% annual interest rate accrued by calendar month, to be
                 received by seller no later than the first day of every month ($25 late fee
                 will be added to the principal amount of the agreement for each and every
                 payment not received into the seller's hands on or before the FIFTH (5) day
                 of the month) until full purchase price plus interest and late fees are paid
                 in full.  Animal remains the property of the seller until full purchase
                 price plus interest and late fees is paid in full.  Registration of the
                 animal will not be delivered or transfered to the buyer until full purchase
                 price plus interest and late fees is paid in full.  Delivery of animal
                 (circle one) will will not occur until full purchase price plus interest and
                 late fees is paid in full.  This agreement for installment purchase/lease
                 will be voided without legal notice or recourse with no refund of any funds
                 paid and the animal repossessed if the buyer is found (by seller or by a
                 person acting in the interst of the seller) to not be providing diligent
                 care for the animal equal to that which would have been provided by the
                 seller.  This includes but is not limited to: failure to provide medical and
                 or farrier care, failure to provide a safe environment, failure to provide
                 adequate nutrition, or putting the animal in danger by action/activity.

                 _______________C.  The buyer offers and delivers to seller EARNEST money of
                 __________$(amount)__________ to be paid this date to seller as non-refundable 
                 Hold Money  for seller to not offer this animal for sale to another buyer for ___X
                 days_______ from the date of this signed agreement.  Earnest money does not
                 constitute a purchase or an obligation to purchase.  Earnest money (circle
                 one, dated and initialed by seller AND buyer) __________ will or will not go
                 toward the purchase price in the event the buyer enters into a purchase
                 agreement with the seller for the above described animal.

                 Seller attests the delivery of _________$amount___________ from buyer.

                 _________________________________Seller's signature and date

                 _________________________________Buyer's signature and date 

                 ***Note:  On the reverse side I list the donkey's pedigree if known
                 including any ADMS registration numbers. 
                (Adjust layout according to space requirements.)



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