"C a m i l l a"                      

by Connie Rossignol 

A blonde and blue eyed quiet gal 
You prob'ly know her name by now 

For countless creatures small and great 
Have found a refuge at her gate. 

And with her brood experience grew 
To teach what all the farm girls knew... 

That wreck and ruin oft prevail 
In wake of any intact male 

Indeed fences broke in macho brawls 
And neighbors riled at courtin' calls 

So with no end of aggravation 
She called the vet in desperation 

Twas then in but a single trip 
Her problems ceased with just a snip! 

And now she's known both far and wide 
For use of blade and germacide. 

In fact, so famous is her zeal 
And swift resort to sharpened steel 

That rank mule men jump bolt upright 
From out their sleep in dead of night 

Bereft of all their manly pride 
Was that her car he heard outside? 

Yet righteous males have naught to fear 
At finding Ms Camilla near. 

But woe to those intent on strife.... 
Judicious use of pocket knife! 


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© 2001 Connie Rossignol

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